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  • 2018.06.17 AD at 09:50 EDT
    Mark Espinoza
    Server uptime

    Next time, don't leave your server running for 77 days straight.

    #toolong   #serveruptime  
  • 2018.06.11 AD at 08:58 EDT
    Mark Espinoza

    Some calamari and chowder with the wife. This chowder had some kick and oysters were very good also. Calamari was crispy and fresh. I had not tried the seafood here at Ponce City market, very good service, fresh seafood, recommend.

    #calamari   #chowder   #nokids   #seafood  
  • 2018.06.01 AD at 14:12 EDT
    Mark Espinoza

    Probably the best cut of meat I have ever had. Although, I had not tasted Bison before, it was like butter, with butter on top.

    #omg   #tedsmontanagrill   #bison  
  • 2018.05.19 AD at 18:07 EDT
    Mark Espinoza
    Server Uptime Service

    Display the server uptime.

    #vm   #uptime   #service  
  • 2018.05.19 AD at 15:45 EDT
    Mark Espinoza
    Frozen Yogurt

    Some frozen yogurt.

    #hotoutside   #frozenyogurt  
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