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Apache Tapestry 5, Java, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Maven, Apache Ant, Apache Tomcat, VPS, HTML, CSS, JQuery, GIT, Parsing, Data Analysis.

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  • 2018.08.26 AD at 02:57 UTC
    Mark Espinoza
    In a hurry to upgrade the VPS

    Upgraded to a 64-bit Centos 7 VPS (OMG). More work than I thought, took a day, more disk space. Couldn't really come up with a relevant pic. If there was enough interest(shoot me an email), I'll do a complete guide from updating the DNS, installing tomcat, postgres, backup and restore, virtual hosting, port forwarding, etc.. etc.. etc..

    #postgres   #git   #fast   #backupandrestore   #keystore   #upgrade   #theoffice   #ssl   #vps   #tomcat   #dns  
  • 2018.07.26 AD at 10:28 UTC
    Mark Espinoza
    Mars at opposition

    Get your camera, lens and/or telescope with adapter for your camera.

    #opposition   #mars  
  • 2018.07.23 AD at 11:23 UTC
    Mark Espinoza
    Tapestry vs Wicket

    I'm considering switching to Wicket, but damn I'm so far into the rabbit hole.

    #wicket   #tapestry  
  • 2018.07.13 AD at 18:09 UTC
    Mark Espinoza

    So who knew. The Big Creek Greenway is 100 yards from my office. Time for a walk.

    #walk   #bigcreekgreenway  
  • 2018.07.13 AD at 10:57 UTC
    Mark Espinoza

    New job, new digs.

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